Get your stock predictions

Our bots calculates more then 50.000 stocks, crypto and forex
using technical analysis and common trading knowledge they are searching for the best predictions

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Trading positions

Here you can find the best positions in the wallets of the bots. The bots are trading with their own risk profile and budget. You can check the details on the page of the bot.If you follow a bot, notifications about buy and sell moments are send to you by email.

Getting signals by machine learing

We calculate the buy and sell moments of the stocks by Technical Analysis. We combine at least 5 technical indicators and let the system train the model for the best predictions. Millions of calculations are used for making your decisions easier. Only the stocks with the best predictions are used for the advice.

We use the following Technical Indicators:

  1. OBV on-balance volume
  2. RSI
  3. Moving Average
  4. DMI
  5. Stochastic
After creating a signal we use the ATR to get a good buying or selling point.